Where is ShopBPE's Headquarters?
We are based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our family factory proudly produces the masks at Hoang An Pharma in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

What is the difference between 3-ply and 4-ply - and which is right for me?
We designed ALL of our masks to be 4 ply for ultimate protection. The two outer plies are for front and back covering. Inside, we have the third ply dedicated to blocking out virus and water droplets.
The fourth ply protects against pet dander & allergens to keep you comfortably safe throughout the day.

Lesser quality 3 ply masks are often manufactured in China from toxic materials and offer only one sheer ply of minimal filtration - hence providing minimal, if any, protection at all.

We recommend all individuals opt for 4 ply masks to ensure maximum protection.

Why are the masks logo stamped?
Our family factory stamps these masks to prevent counterfeit reselling of the masks. We uphold the quality & integrity of our masks and can only honor their quality when they are stamped with our authentic factory logo.

Are the masks FDA approved?
The FDA is NOT approving or authorizing the use of their logos on any manufacturers' boxes. Thus, our masks are designed to be the peak of the highest standards that can be achieved for disposable masks but are NOT approved by the FDA.
Mask suppliers who claim to have achieved FDA approval are likely falsifying those claims.